Vydavatel: Trojan Records, Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
Kategorie: LP 
Podkategorie: Reggae 
EAN: 4050538379709
Štítky: Reggae, Reggae, Dub, Rocksteady, Ska
Rok vydání: 2018
Int. číslo: 625547

Doba dodání obvykle 14 dní. Platba předem.
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  Trojan Hits Volume 1 [TBL1031]
A1   Red Red Wine
A2   Return Of Django
A3   Skinhead Moonstomp
A4   Long Shot Kick The Bucket
A5   Liquidator
A6   Sweet Sensation
B1   To Be Young Gifted And Black
B2   Monkey Man
B3   Love Of The Common People
B4   You Can Get I If You Really Want
B5   Black Pearl
B6   Double Barrel
  Trojan Hits Volume 2 [TBL1033]
C1   Rain
C2   Pied Piper
C3   Black And White
C4   Monkey Spanner
C5   Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
C6   Moon River
D1   Give And Take
D2   I Am What I Am
D3   Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
D4   Big Seven
D5   Everything I Own
D6   Help Me Make It Through The Night
  Dancing Time [TBL1034]
E1   Sufferation 1969
E2   Dancing Time
E3   I'm Shocking
E4   Baby I'll Be Yours
E5   Lick It Back
E6   Easy Come, Easy Go
F1   Do The Boogaloo
F2   Soul Love
F3   Reggae To Jeggae
F4   Terrible Mistake
F5   The Lesson
F6   Mettle
  Reggae Goes Pop! [TBL1035]
G1   What Am I To Do (Strings Version)
G2   Got To Come Back (Strings Version)
G3   Feel A Little Better (Strings Version)
G4   Fire And Rain
G5   Lonely Man (Strings Version)
G6   Weep (Strings Version)
H1   Funny
H2   Working On It Night And Day
H3   Suzanne Beware Of The Devil
H4   A Little Bit Of Soap
H5   Lord Pity Us All
H6   Come On Girl
L   You Have Caught Me
M   The Little That You Have
N   Real Reggae Music
O   Real Reggae Music (Dj Madd Remix)
  Trojan Mix 1 - Hits, Hidden Gems & Near Misses, 1968 - 1975 [TJTCD573]
1-1   Thunderstorm
1-2   This Life Makes Me Wonder
1-3   Mind Yourself (Aka You Think You Too Bad)
1-4   Denver
1-5   Pickney Gal
1-6   Bread On The Table
1-7   Sugar Cane
1-8   Montego Bay
1-9   Off Limits
1-10   Sir Collins' Special
1-11   Brandy
1-12   Chop Sticks
1-13   Hysteriacade
1-14   Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto No. 1
1-15   Big Six
1-16   Think About That
1-17   Ain't It Groovy
1-18   Big Eight
1-19   Behold
1-20   We Are Not The Same
1-21   Passing Strangers
1-22   Crying Over You
1-23   This Monday Morning Feeling
1-24   Running Over
1-25   Nothing Is Impossible
  Trojan Mix 1 - Show I The Way - Roots, Dub & Lovers, 1976 - 1978 [TJTCD573]
2-1   The Voice Of The Father
2-2   Nyah Dread
2-3   White Bird Come Down
2-4   Show I The Way
2-5   Fight Down I
2-6   Another Moses
2-7   We've Got To Part
2-8   My Love For You Is Over Now
2-9   I Don't Want To Be A Beggar
2-10   Jah Jah I
2-11   African Woman
2-12   Key Of Keys
2-13   The Slave Trade
2-14   Jah Jah Dub
2-15   Stranger In Love
2-16   Happiness
2-17   Dignity & Principle
2-18   I'm Still In Love With You Girl
2-19   Opportunity
2-20   Segregation
2-21   Right Road To Zion
2-22   Let's Spend The Night Together
2-23   Tell The Children The Truth
  Trojan Mix 1 - Ghetto-ology - Dancehall & Digital Sounds, 1979 - 1988 [TJTCD573]
3-1   Barberman Bawling
3-2   Nothing Gained (From Loving You)
3-3   Why Won't You Come On
3-4   Liquid Horns
3-5   Ghetto-Ology
3-6   We've Got To Make It
3-7   How Can A Man Be Happy
3-8   Fight, Fight, Fight
3-9   Take Five (Aka The Russians Are Coming)
3-10   Time Is Important To Me
3-11   Give To The Poor
3-12   Killerman Jarrett
3-13   Sensi For Sale
3-14   Pirate
3-15   Dancing Shoes
3-16   (Who Is He) What Is Man
3-17   Jailhouse
3-18   Original Man
  Trojan Mix 2 - Party Tonight Unreleased & Rarities, 1968 - 1974 [TJTCD574]
4-1   Ska Beat
4-2   Who La La (Alternate Take)
4-3   Party Tonight
4-4   Girls Galore
4-5   Time Marches On (Alternate Version)
4-6   Creature From The Moon
4-7   Too Experienced (Alternate Version)
4-8   Girl I've Got A Date
4-9   Green River
4-10   My Desire (Alternate Take)
4-11   Dread It
4-12   Tennessee Waltz
4-13   Do The Moonwalk
4-14   Hey Jude (Alternate Take)
4-15   Deep In My Soul
4-16   Sycilidin
4-17   Wide A Wake In A Dream
4-18   Bush Beat
4-19   Just My Imagination (Alternate Version)
4-20   Soul Inspiration
4-21   Loving Feeling
4-22   Old Man River
4-23   Lonely For Your Love (Alternate Mix)
4-24   Niki Hoeky
4-25   You Have To Pay
  Trojan Mix 2 - The A To Q Of Trojan (The Subsidiary Labels) [TJTCD574]
5-1   Having A Party
5-2   Nana
5-3   You Know What I Mean
5-4   Burial Of Longshot, Part 2
5-5   Whisper A Little Prayer
5-6   Angel
5-7   Piccadilly Hop
5-8   Everytime
5-9   You, Yes You
5-10   Don't Play That Song
5-11   Equal Rights
5-12   Crazy Rhythm
5-13   Love You The Most
5-14   I'll Be Right There
5-15   Little Boy Blue
5-16   Africa Is Paradise
5-17   A Little Love
5-18   I'll Be There
5-19   Lollipop Girl
5-20   Bogus-ism
5-21   Sounds Of Babylon
5-22   My Best Dress
5-23   Don't Try To Use Me
5-24   You're The One I Love
5-25   Darling Dry Your Eyes
  Trojan Mix 2 - Blood & Fire - The Hit-Makers [TJTCD574]
6-1   Donkey Returns
6-2   The Bullet
6-3   Fire Corner
6-4   Put A Little Love In Your Heart
6-5   Wear You To The Ball
6-7   You Can't Wine
6-6   She Want It
6-8   Satisfaction
6-9   What Greater Love
6-10   54-46 Was My Number
6-11   Blood And Fire
6-12   East Of The River Nile
6-13   Follow The Leader
6-14   Mother And Child Reunion
6-15   The Further You Look (The Less You See)