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Reed, Jimmy
I'm Jimmy Reed/ Rockin' With Reed

Vydavatel: Vinyl Passion
Kategorie: LP 
Podkategorie: Blues 
EAN: 8719039001996
Štítky: Blues, Chicago Blues, Electric Blues, Harmonica Blues
Rok vydání: 2017
Int. číslo: 690279
  I'm Jimmy Reed
A1   Honest I Do
A2   Go On To School
A3   My First Plea
A4   Boogie In The Dark
A5   You Got Me Crying
A6   Ain't That Loving You Baby
A7   You Got Me Dizzy
A8   Little Rain
B1   Can't Stand To See You Go
B2   Roll And Rhumba
B3   You're Something Else
B4   You Don't Have To Go
  I'm Jimmy Reed - Bonus Tracks
B5   I Love You Baby
B6   Honey, Don't Let Me Go
B7   Signals Of Love
B8   Honey Where You Going
  Rockin' With Reed
C1   Going To New York
C2   A String To Your Heart
C3   Ends & Odds
C4   Caress Me Baby
C5   Take Out Some Insurance
C6   The Moon Is Rising
C7   Down In Virginia
C8   I Know It's A Sin
D1   Wanna Be Loved
D2   Baby, What's On your Mind
D3   My Bitter Seed
D4   Rockin' With Reed
  Rockin' With Reed - Bonus Tracks
D5   The Sun Is Shining
D6   I Told You Baby
D7   I'm Gonna Get My Baby
D8   You Know I Love You

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I'm Jimmy Reed/ Rockin' With Reed