Vydavatel: Sire, Rhino Records
Kategorie: LP 
Podkategorie: Rock & Pop 
EAN: 0081227951672
Štítky: Rock, Pop, Surf, Blues Rock, Pop Rock, Classic Rock, Rock & Roll
Rok vydání: 2015
Int. číslo: 611790
A1   Love And Mercy 2:52
A2   Walkin' The Line 2:37
A3   Melt Away 2:58
A4   Baby Let Your Hair Grow Long 3:15
A5   Little Children 1:48
A6   One For The Boys 1:47
A7   There's So Many 2:46
B1   Night Time 3:34
B2   Let It Shine 3:57
B3   Meet Me In My Dreams Tonight 3:05
B4   Rio Grande 8:12
  Bonus Tracks
C1   Brian On "Love And Mercy" 0:21
C2   He Couldn't Get His Poor Old Body To Move 2:37
C3   Being With The One You Love 2:37
C4   Let's Go To Heaven In My Car 3:42
C5   Too Much Sugar 2:54
C6   There's So Many (Demo) 1:53
C7   Walkin' The Line (Demo) 2:56
D1   Melt Away (Early Version - Alternate Vocal) 2:06
D2   Night Time (Instrumental Track) 3:49
D3   Little Children (Demo) 2:00
D4   Night Bloomin' Jasmine (Demo) 2:18
D5   Rio Grande (Early Version - Compiled Rough Drafts) 6:32
D6   Brian On "Rio Grande" 1:17
D7   Brian On The Source 0:49
  Hidden Track
D8   Brian Wilson Christmas Message

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