Yorkston, James
Route To the Harmonium

Vydavatel: Domino, Domino Recording Co. Ltd.
Kategorie: LP 
Podkategorie: Folk / Country 
EAN: 0887828042517
Štítky: Folk, World, & Country
Rok vydání: 2019
Int. číslo: 699977
A1   Your Beauty Could Not Save You 3:12
A2   The Irish Wars Of Independence 4:49
A3   Like Bees To Foxglove 3:59
A4   Shallow 4:56
A5   The Blue Of The Thistle 2:44
A6   Brittle 3:15
B1   My Mouth Ain't No Bible 6:35
B2   Solitary Islands All 3:09
B3   The Villages I Have Known My Entire Life 4:30
B4   Oh Me, Oh My 2:43
B5   Yorkston Athletic 3:52
B6   A Footnote to an Epitaph 3:19

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Route To the Harmonium